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how to see bali best? & most easy & evective sun rise panorama from the mountain ? come and join us dirrect to our place or call (phone).

Caldera Trekks

A Beautiful panorama, the sunrise from the top of caldera Batur and see the Rinjani mountain at Lombok island. Ocean view and Lake also Mount Batur view is excellent. Its take only 20 minutes to the top of caldera and you will be able to enjoy this wonderful view of the world.

OUR BEST TREKKING VALUE, RESENTLY DISCOVERED,IT IS UNTRODDEN FROM TOUR OPERATORS.This historically active Batur Volcano is located at the center of tow concentric caldera,north west of Agung Volcano ,the south west side of the larger 10 x 13 km caldera contains a caldera lake beneath the highest peak of Mt Agung/Abang 2152 mt above sea level , it’s the most attractive semi climbing on the side of mounth Abang . This is the best and great value of sceneries in the island.
Short Trip (easy) :
1. Up ward to the sunrise point I ,return on the same way down.
2. Law land Montanez forrest, variational cool altitudional ecosystem.
3. Duration 05.00 am – 08.00 am
4. Price : 15 US $ / person (minimum 2 person)
5. Inclusive : guide + transport + Breakfast + mineral water.

Long Caldera Trekking (easy to moderate)
1. Up ward to the sunrise point I , down ward to BALI AGA Village(Trunyan)
2. This trip is totally the lake Batur, low land Montanez forrest, cool and fresh
    additional ecosystem
3. Duration 05.00 am – 09.30 am
4. Price 25 US$(minimum 2 person)
5. Inclusive : Breakfast + transport
We also available for package service:
Room + Meals + Adventure + Tour for special price
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